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About Powerfish

Willem Powerfish is a well-known comedian, mental health advocate, and philanthropist. His fans love his pranks, colourful humour, and the many giveaways that are a feature of the Powerfish brand. They also connect with the open discussion about issues around mental health that work towards taking the stigma away from getting help. And of course, it all comes back to the outdoors – fishing, surfing, and the great Aussie outdoors form the backdrop for the iconic Powerfish videos.

The Fish Behind Powerfish

Growing up in Victoria Point, Willem left at the early age of 18 for the Gold Coast where he was able to surf - and has never looked back. After falling on some hard times and struggling with mental health, alcoholism, and gambling, he got outdoors and focused on healthy pursuits, which helped set him on the road to better mental health.

After harpooning a 3 metre long flathead, Willem became a world record holder. He began creating videos built around flatty fishing and pulling pranks on local fishermen as a way to make people laugh and brighten their day. The support quickly grew, and soon he was featuring giveaways, charity work, and honest discussion about mental health along with the unique brand of comedy.

Our Core Values & Charity Work

The Powerfish brand is powerfully influenced by Willem’s love of fishing, having a laugh, and supporting the community. His success and popularity have allowed him the opportunity to influence people from around the world, showcasing his unique Australian style while addressing serious issues with a relatable approach.

Willem Powerfish is built around:

Comedy. Willems’ style and humour has developed over years of creating content, but it always resonates with his audience. It’s focused on pushing boundaries and creating unique situations. Instantly recognisable by thousands of fans, Willem appeals to everyday people looking for a laugh.

Mental health. With a strong personal emphasis, Willem is dedicated to using his online reach to shine a spotlight on mental health and normalise seeking help. Promoting education and resources to help people in a tough spot, the brand has evolved to break stereotypes and prejudices that prevent everyday people from pursuing better mental health.

Charity work. From on-the-spot giveaways to large cash donations, Willem finds creative ways to support people and organisations. Either in collaboration with local brands or from personal contributions, Willem Powerfish has a strong commitment to giving back to the community.

Our Merch

The Powerfish Brand has a range of merchandise, featuring clothing, stubby holders, and stickers. Fans are drawn to the funny catchphrases and unique style, which reflects the core image of the brand.

Community Powerfish Pontoon Boat

The Powerfish Pontoon Boat is for anyone in the community that may have health issues, impairments etc that make it difficult for them to get out on the water unassisted. Fishing Rods and bait will be supplied and this is totally FREE.
For ALL enquires relating to booking or supporting the pontoon boat please email with a little bit of a blurb about you and how many Flattys ya wanna catch. 

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