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About the fish

How ya going, ya dog?

Three years ago, I harpooned the flatty that got us into the history books. That 3-metre dog started the whole journey, and what a journey it’s become.

All I've ever wanted to do is make people laugh, get the dogs, and push mental health. I started Powerfish with some crazy ideas that took the piss out of fishing, making the most of something I love and getting some laughs at the same time. It got heaps of support, which allowed us to start selling Powerfish merch and keep the videos coming.

All your support made it possible for us to talk about some shit that really matters, and do some good for some people who need it. My own mental health is something I fight for on a daily basis, and by doing what I do I hope I can help other people in the same situation. If I can reach out, talk about real shit, and get help – then so can you.

I know what it’s like to be down and out too. After all the support and people buying merch, I can give back to other people. That’s why I do our giveaways, comps, and just sharing with people who need it. Without all your support it wouldn't be possible. For every person that we are able to help, you are all a part of supporting them and putting that smile on their face.

The Powerfish brand is all about being real, having a laugh, and getting out on the water. Thanks for the support. I hope you get a laugh, and check in with your mates.

Good luck to all and GET THE DOGS.